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Fez Looks: Simple Customizations

Monday, December 15th, 2008

For Members Only…


Take a look at the staging instances of member Fez implementations to see User Interface customizations.


You will need the login information for the development/staging server, as well as the various MARC org codes for the institutions, found on the wiki here:


After logging in to the staging server at your own implementation, change the MARC org code value in the URL to view other institutions’ changes to the banner, footer, and color schemes.


Example: Change to (replacing cod with coccc)


If you are interested in learning more about making a change, contact either the ADR Steering Committee representative from the inspiring institution, or the ADR directly (

From the ADR Wiki: Customized Namespace PIDs in Fez and Fedora

Thursday, January 24th, 2008

Keith’s been working on a draft of a “gray paper” posted to the ADRWiki capturing much of his recent work- with Tim (Systems/Network Admin) as a sounding board – regarding namespace PIDs in Fez and Fedora.

To the Alliance, this means that we will be able to identify at the point of deposit or batch ingest the appropriate institution’s “bucket” of repository storage to store the Fedora object in, which will greatly aid in managing dedicated storage allocations among our members, as well as reporting out content growth trends to our members. We plan to use LC’s Organizational Codes as our namespaces, we think…

It looks like the Fez folks are interested in incorporating Keith’s efforts into their code repository, which marks our first real contribution back to the open source community! Congratulations, Keith!

MARCOut to MARCIn(gest)

Thursday, September 20th, 2007

We’ve been working with DPL to batch ingest more than 120,000 archival digital images (tiffs) from Western History and Geaneology (WHG) into the ADR, along with the associated MARC files extracted from DPL’s CARL ILS…

Keith has written a batch ingest utility that can transform raw MARC to MARC XML and then generate “sidecars” of cross-walked metadata (MODS, DC, etc.) for ingest along with the tiff into Fedora, and then indexing in Fez. The utility also reports orphaned records and files along with any malformed data. Up next is to broaden to other schemas and formats…

Challenges to date:

  • How Fez handles displaying and editing multiple repeating fields that do not include attributes (i.e. <title> vs <title type=”alternative”>
  • Estimating real-time processing speeds (i.e. How long, per image, does it take to get from CD at DPL to published object in ADR)
  • How to handle the lack of mapping of the local call number field (099) to MODS in the LC crosswalk

We’ve got over 1500 objects ingested, indexed, and access controlled at the moment in our production environment…a little over 1%…but it’s a start!