October 2006
Alliance Board of Directors votes to fund a 20-month start-up period for the Alliance digital repository. This decision is made following investigations and recommendations from an internal Institutional Repository Investigation Taskforce.

October 2006 to June 2007
Alliance staff and members plan, staff, develop, and launch the first version of the repository service. In early 2007, the Alliance hires a project director and a software engineer to be the administrative and technical leads for the ADR. Member library representatives form committees and working groups to provide local expertise and direction for repository development. Dedicated hardware is purchased and installed at the Alliance offices, and the ADR staff begin developing a prototype repository using Fedora and Fez open source repository software.

June 2007
The Alliance releases a beta version of the new repository service for member libraries to test and evaluate. ADR Beta is available through December 2007.

September 2007
ADR Services finalizes the first version of the ADR policies, which are approved by member Council and the Board of Directors.

March 2008
The ADR moves out of beta and production sites are launched for Alliance members. These portals launch on a rolling schedule as member institutions sign legal agreements, create institutionally branded interfaces, and begin to deposit content.

June 2008
The Colorado State Publications Library joins the ADR as the first affiliate (non-Alliance) member of the repository.

July 2008
Beginning in July 2008 (FY 09), the repository becomes fully funded by member assessments.

March 2009
ADR servers and hardware are moved to a secure off-site collocation facility.

July 2010
ADR members began the process of selecting new repository software and decided to continue using Fedora with Islandora as a front end.

September – December 2010
ADR participates in pilot projects with Discovery Garden, Inc and DuraCloud.

January 2011 – April 2012
Discovery Garden and ADR Services develop new platform on Islandora and migrate content from the previous system.