Mission & Vision

Mission and Vision Statements

The mission of the Alliance Digital Repository (ADR) is to provide services for the preservation of and access to digital assets inherent to the research, information, and education missions of the Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries member institutions.

The purposes of the ADR are to

  • provide access to digital content by students, faculty, staff, patrons, researchers, and customers of Alliance institutions, as well as to the world;
  • host hardware and software infrastructure that supports digital repository services and functionalities for Alliance institutions and affiliated partners;
  • store digital assets created and collected by Alliance libraries, universities, and communities.

The vision of the ADR is to serve as a standards-based repository and infrastructure supporting a diverse set of applications, services, and discovery tools that offer long-term management, secure storage, preservation solutions, and – when possible – open access to digital assets of enduring value, as determined by the Alliance institutions.

Examples of possible ADR applications include:

  • A university’s institutional repository of actively created or contributed, openly available scholarly work, including but not limited to pre-prints, post-prints, ETDs, raw datasets, publications, and instructional tools.
  • A library’s special collections, archival materials, and other unique materials in digital form, with interactive discovery and review tools along with methods for viewers to obtain versions for personal and commercial use.
  • An institution’s secure, managed repository of records and documents, including publications, policies, operational documents (minutes, contracts, employment records, etc.)